Arte Veneziana immediately specialised in the reproduction of 1600s and 1700s Venetian mirrors. The production of mirrors has been joined by a second line of Venetian and Art Deco furniture, covered with mirror,  with a series of furniture inspired by the elegance of the art deco lines, a style that enchanted the whole world in the early twentieth century.


Whether ornate, featuring sumptuous baroque decorations or marked by clean-cut neoclassic lines, Arte Veneziana mirrors reach a level of beauty and perfection that equates to those of the very few, original antiques.


Arte Veneziana specializes as well in the reproduction of the ‘700 Venetian and Art Deco chandeliers, where each glass is completely handmade in each piece.
The result is discreet and refined elegance that captivates those who love exclusive pieces of precious handmade work.


Even today, Arte Veneziana involves the use of copper wheels as in the XVII Century, used together with a scouring powder paste , that give to the mirror a silky frosted effect creating a retro flavor.




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